Why should I have a home  Inspection?  

  Your home is likely the largest investment You'll ever make. A home inspection is for your security
and piece of mind. The inspection process is also a learning experience. You will learn things that
will help you in maintaining and understanding your new house. I encourage you to come along on
the inspection, and don't be afraid to ask questions. We will go through the house outside to in, top
to bottom and provide a same day written report, as well as piece of mind about your investment
Scott Hansen
WI. Licensed
Home Inspector
Why Hansen Home & foundation inspection

  I am a state of Wisconsin licenced Home Inspector and WAHI member. (Wisconsin association of
Home Inspectors), with over 1
2 years of home inspection experience and have performed over
4000 home inspections, with an average of 450-500 inspections performed a year. I have over 20
years of home improvement and renovation experience, and general contracting and design
experience. I attend regular continuing education updates, and I'm experienced in all phases of
home inspection. I will do a thorough, comprehensive, easy to understand inspection that outlines
any discoveries made during the inspection process.

  I specialize in questionable foundations!!  The Fox Valley area has a
lot of foundation issues on homes due to the clay soil environment. Other
inspectors may refer you to a foundation specialist or structural engineer for
further inspection, which can cost you anywhere from $160.00 on up. I have
received additional training from foundation experts and repair companies, so I
do my own foundation inspections on the same day, and at the price you are
already paying!

State of Wisconsin     
Licensed Home       
Inspector & WAHI      
(Wisconsin assc.
of Home
EPA radon info (click here)

  • Proper grade and drainage
  • Driveways/walkways/patios
  • Windows/doors
  • Decks/porches
  • Vegetation/trees/shrubs
  • Garage

  • Service entry
  • Ratings
  • Panel type/condition
  • Wire type/size/condition
  • Outlet/GFCI testing
  • General safety check

  • Attic/inside of roof check
  • Insulation check
  • Venting
  • Interior components function
    and condition
  • Basement/foundation condition
    and type
  • Floor framing
  • Moisture tests on walls/carpets/
       wood as needed
  • Closets/stairways
  • Windows/
  • Radon tests available with
    tamper proof results available
    on the day of inspection. Radon
    testing has additional charges,
    see link at top left to pricing.

  • Water source
  • Venting
  • Supply and drain pipe type
    and condition
  • Water pressure test
  • Sinks/tubs/toilets

  • Furnace condition
  • A/C condition and temp check
  • Heat source verification
  • Fuel source and type
  • Thermostat check
  • Gas line/leak test
  • Carbon monoxide test
  • Water heater check

  • Shingle type
  • Shingle condition
  • # of layers
  • Condition of chimneys/vents/
  • Recommendations for
  • Gutters/downspouts
Serving the entire Fox Valley area and Northeast WI.