Why Hansen Home Inspections?

I am a state of Wisconsin licenced Home Inspector and WAHI member. (Wisconsin association of Home Inspectors), with over 20 years of home inspection experience and have performed over 4000 home inspections, with an average of 450-500 inspections performed a year. I have over 20 years of home improvement and renovation experience, and general contracting and design experience. I attend regular continuing education updates, and I'm experienced in all phases of home inspection. I will do a thorough, comprehensive, easy to understand inspection that outlines any discoveries made during the inspection process.

I Specialize In Foundations!

The Fox Valley area has a lot of foundation issues on homes due to the clay soil environment. Other inspectors may refer you to a foundation specialist or structural engineer for further inspection, which can cost you anywhere from $200.00 on up. I have received additional training from foundation experts and repair companies, so I do my own foundation inspections on the same day, and at the price you are already paying!